Pure Survey strives to make the life of businesses in South Africa easier. We have set up a survey panel with willing and ready participants. Our survey panel is made up of working professionals, house moms, students and many other consumer categories. A survey panel is designed to work with businesses for the mutual benefit of both the business and the consumer.


To understand how this survey panel works we need to understand firstly why this survey method is so useful.


  • A survey panel created by Pure Survey is designed to be mutually beneficial. When looking at marketing within your business it is important to consider the consumer. The consumer plays a huge role in your business whether they are a business themselves or individuals.
  • A survey panel is a panel of consumers who are willing and able to help your business in its market research. Pure Survey aims to work with businesses and consumers in order to maximize the potential for growth in your business.
  • Survey panels are a way to test your products and helps you to understand what consumers think about your products and services. They help your business to know why certain aspects of your business is failing and assists with suggestions on how to improve it. All of this and much more is possible with a survey panel! Pure Survey’s survey panelists are dedicated and willing to assist businesses with their market research in South Africa.


Now that we understand why a survey panel is useful, the next question to answer is; how do we conduct a survey?


Please fill out our contact form on the CONTACT US page and we will get in touch with your business promptly.


Our business section of the survey panel site is designed to facilitate businesses to understand how survey panels work and how they benefit their marketing strategy . Please view our articles for more information and if we have not covered a topic that interests your business then please inform us via the CONTACT US page and we will put together an article with information on your topic.


Why are survey panelists interested in a survey panel?


There are a number of reasons why a survey panelist would be interested in joining a survey panel, however the following two aspects we will be focusing on:


  1. Most survey panelists who join Pure Survey’s survey panel join because they want to help businesses better themselves. This paradigm has a mutually beneficial aspect to it. It not only betters the business when a survey panel survey is conducted and the data collected is put to use. It also adds value to the lives of the consumers as they experience the business improving itself in the area of quality products, good service delivery from their employees and in turn will also improve the customer’s view of your business.
  2. Survey panelists are also interested in our survey panel because of our reward system. Pure Survey is dedicated to help improve the lives of businesses and consumers. How else are your customers lives improved? By rewarding them with a gift for completing your survey? A panelist is dedicated to helping your business grow.


Survey panels are a relatively new market in South Africa and the potential for survey panels in South Africa is huge! Please feel free to CONTACT US for more information on our survey panel and view the articles for a better understanding on why your business should conduct a survey in Pure Survey’s survey panel. We aim to improve the lives of businesses and consumers within South Africa. Help us to help you!