By linking with Pure Survey’s Survey Panel your business will be joining a family of dedicated and team orientated people. We are eager to help South African businesses improve themselves for your benefit. We encourage all of our survey panellists to be honest, reliable and to deliver constructive and useful feedback.

What are some of the advantages for the consumer as they consider joining our survey panel?

  • As a consumer you will be helping the business that is conducting the survey to improve themselves, which in turn will benefit you with better products, better service and much more!
  • Pure Survey’s survey panellists benefit from our lucky draws after the completion of the surveys.
  • Our survey panel is geared towards individuals who want to improve their experience within business.
  • By joining our survey panel you as a consumer will have a front row seat in the improvement of businesses throughout South Africa!As a consumer you will be helping the business to conduct the survey to improve themselves which in turn will benefit you with better products, better service and much more!

Why should you join our survey panel?

  • We have created this survey panel with the goal of enabling South Africans with a positive avenue to constructively inform businesses where they need to improve.
  • A survey panel is a means to a positive end. We are able to help businesses help you the consumer to receive a more well-rounded and beneficial result from your experience within their business or as you use their products.
  • Our survey panel covers a wide variety of people who are interested in working together to maximize the potential of businesses throughout South Africa.
  • In joining our survey panel you ensure that your thoughts will be heard!

Joining a 100% South African survey panel results in massive benefits for consumers and businesses in South Africa. We are pleased to work together with fellow South Africans to better our daily lives and enjoy a beautiful South Africa.

At Pure Survey we strive to work with businesses and consumers to bring them together. By joining our survey panel you will have a voice in how businesses should change in your country! If you have not registered yet, then please visit our SIGN UP page.


We look forward to working with you!