Pure Survey’s survey panel has been created to benefit you the consumer in numerous ways. Our surveys have been structured to be easy to complete and enjoyable to work on. Survey panels have both long term and short term benefits for consumers and panelists.


What are the long term benefits?


Consumers will be able to see the fruit of their labor as they experience the improvement of service and product delivery of businesses in South Africa.


Why should consumers worry about businesses improving?


In an ideal world. If a business consistently worked on improving its service, its quality of products and worked on increasing the quality of its employees, then consumers would not need to worry about the business improving.


This is what our survey panel is striving to accomplish. Unfortunately not all businesses strive for these goals.


How do you as a panelist help businesses who conduct the survey?


As a consumer you know the business and know the concerns of the consumers visiting the business. Your opinion in the surveys are crucial for the improvement of the businesses conducting the surveys. It is very important to know that the consumers play a big role in how businesses market themselves and how their products are displayed, designed and distributed. It is the consumer who buys the products and not the business.


In what ways do consumers benefit in the long term?


Consumers are able to make a long term difference to businesses throughout South Africa.


  • The establishment of a mutually beneficial relationship that will in turn benefit the needs of the consumer and the growth of the business.
  • The more constructive input a business has about their business, products, service, quality and employees the more the business is able to improve itself and make the experience of the consumers visit memorable.


What are the short term benefits?


Via the method of a panel, consumers are able to have the satisfaction of contributing to the improvement of a business. Businesses and Pure Survey do not expect the panelists to participate in the survey panel without compensation. We have a reward system in place as an incentive for your involvement.


Our rewards include; vouchers, coupons to select stores, mystery gifts and much more.


Our aim at Pure Survey is to create a well balanced and mutually beneficial system where the consumer and businesses benefit. Without the one, the other would suffer. By working together as a unit our panel can make a difference for businesses in South Africa.


We can answer the question: Is a survey panel really beneficial for the consumer? With a resounding YES, not only is it beneficial in rewards and prizes but it is also beneficial as it improves the quality of businesses in South Africa.


If you have not joined our survey panel please visit our SIGN UP page, if you have questions please visit our FAQ page.