Pure Survey’s survey panel is designed to work together with your business in improving and correcting issues within the business. To understand fully why a survey panel is so important for your business it is imperative to look at some of the advantages of this survey medium.


  • Survey panel surveys are quicker.

The time difference between the more traditional survey methods and a survey panel results in faster turn around and shorter waiting times. Pure Survey’s, surveys are designed to get maximum results within the shortest time frame. They are immediately collated once the survey has been completed into an easy to understand format.

  • Our survey panel is cost effective!

Due to the online nature of our survey panel, the paper work that is often associated with surveys is minimized. All interactions between us and the panelists are done via email and all data collected is conducted online and collated in an easy to read online format. A survey panel is not dependent on finding surveyors as we already have willing participants which cuts out the extra labor costs involved in a more traditional survey approach.

  • Survey panel’s are more accurate:

Conducting a survey panel survey, results in your business working with people who would like to participate in surveys. They are encouraged to be accurate and honest in their answers. The results of the survey are online and less likely to be corrupted by human error when collating.

  • Analysis is almost immediate:

Due to the online nature of our survey panel, Pure Survey can offer near to immediate analysis of the results! Once the panelist has completed the survey the information of the survey is immediately gathered and put together for your perusal.

  • Panel surveys are designed to be easy:

Pure Survey’s, surveys are designed to be easy to complete and enjoyable for the panelist. Our panelists are willing and eager to help your business improve itself through market research. We have designed the surveys to keep the panelists interested in participating and working with Pure Survey and your business.

  • Our survey panelists are honest, reliable and willing:

All Pure Survey panelists are required to read and agree to our terms of use. Our panelists are not only expected to deliver honest answers but are also required to reliably participate in the surveys and be willing to work with businesses. The panelist is informed about the mutual benefits that this kind of survey platform has to both businesses and consumers, and so for all to gain, all need to work together!


Pure Survey endeavors to always make the best use of its surveys. We aim to maximize the potential for each survey panel survey and to improve your business through this method.


For more information about our survey panel and questions about how your business is able to join up with Pure Survey please contact us on our CONTACT US page and we will get in touch with your business in a timely manner.