Pure Survey continuously researches methods that help businesses to improve themselves. Our purpose is to help your business grow to its full potential. Using a survey panel it is a step in the right direction. Survey panels are a group of people who are willing and eager to help your business improve itself. All that is needed is for your business to give us the go ahead and we will work with your team to put together the survey panel survey and maximize your chance to better your business!


Why should your business conduct surveys via our survey panel?


  • Panelists – Our panelists come from a broad spectrum of consumer groups. The variety of consumer groups will help your business to receive well rounded and balanced results from the survey. Our panelists have signed up as they are keen and willing to help businesses in their market research. Pure Survey’s panelists are available for your businesses survey needs and will give honest and reliable input.
  • Time – Time is often an issue when it comes to surveys. People do not want to be “bothered” while shopping and certainly do not want to be interrupted while having coffee or relaxing. How do we overcome these obstacles? How should your business approach consumers to conduct surveys? This is where a survey panel comes in. Pure Survey’s survey panel consists of willing and eager consumers to help your business improve itself. Time is not an issue here as the survey panel is conducted online and in the panelists own time.
  • Reliable Responses – Our survey panelists are requested to be reliable and honest in their responses. Pure Survey’s panelists have signed on to the survey panel in order to work with businesses in South Africa. They have an incentive to be reliable in their responses. The better and more reliable the results of the surveys are, the better for the business conducting the survey. The results of the survey will in turn impact the business by improving itself which will lead to a better and improved business for the consumer. The panelist is informed by Pure Survey and we explain to them how this medium of survey is mutually beneficial for both them and the business.
  • Convenience – Pure Survey’s survey panel is convenient, easy to use and fun for panelists. This encourages people to participate in the survey and to promote it amongst their friends, family, acquaintances and work colleagues. The convenient nature of this survey site results in a strong response rate amongst panelists. The convenience of this site is mutually beneficial as businesses and consumers reap the rewards of an easy to use and enjoyable survey panel site.


Our survey panel has been created to be mutually beneficial for the consumer and business; we have worked hard at making sure that this panel will work for your business. Using our survey panel will benefit your business over a long period of time.


To get in touch with Pure Survey fill out the form on the CONTACT US page and we will work with your team to create a panel survey to launch your business into an improved relationship with the consumer. If consumers know that they are being heard, they will be more likely to make use of your business.