Pure Survey is excited about the survey panel and looks forward to working together with the panelists in order to improve businesses. Our aim is to deliver accurate, reliable and honest results . Our survey panelists are encouraged to ask the fundamental question that determines the success of any business; what is the best for this business? We firmly believe that by striving toward these attributes and working together as a team we can make a difference to businesses throughout South Africa.


We value each of our panelists and encourage them to follow a few essential characteristics:


  • Honesty – To begin with, let us understand what the definition of honesty is, according to the online oxford dictionary. “Honesty is defined as being: Free of deceit, truthful and sincere.” This is the first priority in our list of essential characteristics. Without honesty people become, disloyal, untrustworthy, insincere, unfair and only think of themselves. A survey panel is all about helping each other and working together.
  • Integrity – Integrity is being honest and holding to what you believe in. Without integrity people would not be able to trust each other and relationships would be damaged. Businesses hold firm to integrity as it is a cornerstone in building up relationship between themselves and their consumers.
  • Reliability – Would you prefer to work with someone who keeps on letting you down, forgetting meetings and ignoring the time? Or would you like to work with someone who is reliable and takes heed of the time and remembers meetings? Pure Survey’s survey panel strives toward being a reliable and efficient team.
  • Trustworthiness – Who is the person that you would most respect? A person who is trustworthy? Someone who will make sure that the truth is told and kept? Or would you prefer a person who is dishonest, un-truthful and irresponsible? Trustworthiness is a key aspect of a survey panel. Pure Survey’s panelists should be trustworthy and keen to tell the truth.
  • Accuracy – How important is accuracy to you? For a survey panel to be worthwhile for a business, they need accurate and clear information. Accuracy is vitally important to us at Pure Survey, as the information compiled is purposeful for the benefit of the business and the consumer. Success is therefore dependent on this essential attribute!


These essential characteristics are not here to make a person second guess why they have joined our survey panel but to encourage people to meet a standard that businesses would expect and be keen to make use of. The Pure Survey, survey panel has a name to make in the business world of South Africa. If we are to be regarded as the top survey panel in South Africa then we should aim for the highest most accurate, honest and trustworthy results.


To join our survey panel please sign up on our SIGN UP page, for more information please view our articles and FAQ page. If there are questions or comments please fill in your details on the CONTACT US page and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.