Pure Survey’s online survey panel aims to bring people surveys in an easy and enjoyable format. Instead of a survey panel taking up many hours because of travel, registering and participation time, it is designed to work within your time frame.


Due to the advancement of technology we are now able to bring the survey panel to your desktop computer, laptop, i-Pad or Smartphone. Pure Survey’s, surveys are presented in a variety of different formats; i.e. watching short clips and responding to them or standard surveys such as question and answer. With technology we are able to create surveys to be enjoyable and interesting.


An online survey panel is a group of people who are willing to help businesses by filling out survey forms with the aim to improve those businesses. All information received from the surveys will be combined by Pure Survey and sent to the business conducting the survey. No information of the surveyor will be passed on to the business.


Is a survey panel for me?


  • As a participant you are able to contribute to the business in a positive way, this in turn improves the product, the service and the business quality for the consumer.
  • Survey panels are designed by Pure Survey to be mutually beneficial. For consumers to benefit, businesses need to understand what they think, how they react and what they like. Survey panels are able to provide this mutually beneficial service from the comfort of your own space. All a survey panelist needs is an internet capable device and data!
  • Being part of a survey panel does not mean that endless amounts of time is spent participating in surveys. In general, surveys are designed to be brief and to the point. We understand that time is important; we therefore aim to make sure that the survey experience is enjoyable and interesting!


What is the next step?


As a panelist your first requirement is to sign up by visiting the SIGN UP page, fill in the details and e-mail it back to us. We will email you if there are any further details needed for your survey panel profile. We keep the information gathered on a secure database. Pure Survey uses the profile information to target specific groups for specific surveys, it is therefore a necessary requirement to be accurate and when requested, to be as detailed as possible. Your information is confidential to us and privacy is an important part of building trust between us and the panelists.


Once you have registered, set up your profile and sent your information to us. We will then be able to send the correct survey link to you.


  • For more information on survey panels please visit our FAQ page.
  • For general enquiries, questions on a specific survey or log in issues please see our CONTACT US page. Please ensure that the relevant section is selected and that the required areas are filled in, in order for us to respond to your query promptly and effectively.


Thank you for joining our survey panel. We at Pure Survey hope the time spent here will be beneficial for both the consumer and business.