Joining Pure Survey’s survey panel is not just a chance to earn prizes. It is also about helping improve businesses throughout South Africa. As a panelist it is of high importance to ensure honesty in the survey answers at all times.


Consider this scenario:


A man decides to create a business. He wished to create a well established business. He was alone, he did not have friends and he did not trust people. Eventually this man gave up on his dream. On the other hand a second man created a business, made friends, trusted people and worked with a team, his business was built and his dream was fulfilled.


The first man is not respected by people around him, he has no friends and eventually his dream of having a long lasting business will be trampled on by his own self-centered character. If he had worked with a team of people he could have built this business and improved on it to create a strong and well balanced enterprise .


The lesson to be learnt is thus: Working together is an important part of life. Without a well balanced and unified ideal, businesses will fail.


What is your role as a Pure Survey panelist?


  • As a survey panelist you will be a part of a team, your role is to build up businesses and mold them into what the consumer wants.
  • The panel ensures businesses that they will receive reliable feedback from reliable sources for a mutually beneficial end result.


A survey panelist needs to be honest and trustworthy and to want the best for the business that they are surveying. It is important for them to remember that the end goal is not a one sided self-serving goal but in fact; a mutually beneficial goal of helping the business and in turn helping you; the consumer .


As a Pure Survey panelist your mindset should revolve around working with us and the businesses conducting the surveys, in order to achieve optimal results for the surveys and to deliver clear, concise and accurate answers. A Pure Survey panelist plays a very important role as businesses rely on your services to help them improve their services, products and other areas.


The role of a survey panelist is important and should not to be taken lightly. Your services are of great value and we at Pure Survey appreciate your willingness to help businesses better themselves throughout South Africa.


To join this survey panel please visit the SIGN UP page. For more information please view our other articles and visit our FAQ page. Connect with us via the CONTACT US, fill in the required information and we will get in touch with you. Our team is always willing to answer questions, assist and help as needed.