Pure Survey has dedicated itself towards understanding how to maximize the potential for businesses and how to help them improve themselves for their benefit and for the benefit of their customers. Market research is vital in any business. Knowing your customers and knowing how to make them happy will increase your business revenue and your status within the community.


Pure Survey’s survey panel is designed to assist businesses by testing out its products and services before the general public views or uses them. We know that for a business to succeed it needs to understand its clients.


Why use a survey panel?


  • Survey panels consist of people in South Africa who are keen to work with your business. Pure Survey is dedicated to helping businesses throughout South Africa improve their marketing, services, skills, products and much more. A survey panel is a method that businesses can use to work on and improve specific areas.
  • A Pure Survey, survey panel offers businesses an excellent platform to a wide variety of consumers within South Africa. The variety of our survey panel offers businesses an insider’s view of different trains of thought. Instead of approaching only people who visit your business and make use of your services, you are now able to ask a variety of people what they think of your products and services and find out whether they would use them or not. There is huge benefit to a fresh set of eyes that survey your services and products. It is important and potentially invites more customers to visit your business!


What is the importance of a survey panel?


  • Time: In business time is a commodity that needs to be well preserved and as the saying goes; “Time is money!” A survey panel is designed by Pure Survey to facilitate this need for quick responses in short time-frames. Our panelists understands that time is essential to the life of the business and are therefore dedicated to providing a service that is both timely and efficient.
  • Access and Availability: Our panelists are active and keen to work with your business. They are able to access the survey via a personal computer, tablet or mobile. Just a click of the button and the panelist is connected to the survey. This is an advantage in speeding up the survey process. Pure Survey’s panelists are keen to complete the surveys and have an added incentive in a lucky draw at the end of the survey!
  • Consistency and Accuracy: Our panelists are encouraged and expected to be accurate in their information delivery and in their consistency of participating. The best results for surveys come when people actively want to participate in them. This essential ingredient is exactly what a survey panel needs. People who join Pure Survey’s survey panel are keen and interested individuals who want to help your business.
  • Cost: The cost of Pure Survey’s survey panel is one of its biggest incentives! We aim to keep our costs down to a minimum so that your business and our business will have a long and mutually beneficial relationship. Our online survey platform cuts out the following costs:
    • Hiring extra people to deliver the survey,
    • Due to its online nature the paper usage and carbon footprint is almost non-existent.
    • Time is often a big cost and our survey panel platform cuts out wasted time.


Survey panels should be an essential part of your businesses marketing program. Pure Survey aims at working alongside your business in order to help improve the sales, profits and efficiency within the business.


Contact us through our CONTACT US page for more information and to begin improving your business via our survey panel.