Pure Survey’s survey panel is made up of unique individuals working together as a team. We strive to be the best in the field and to make a difference to both the panelists and businesses alike. A survey panel is designed to be mutually beneficial. The business and consumers both benefit from this service.


  • How does the business benefit?

By receiving results from a varied survey panel group whose aim is to help and assist the business to grow and improve its services and products.

  • How do the panelists benefit?

Pure Survey’s panelists are well looked after through receiving gifts, rewards and prizes! We strive to make the surveys interesting, fun and worthwhile.


Joining Pure Survey’s survey panel is one way that you as a consumer can help businesses improve themselves. This is an avenue where the consumer can have a constructive say in how to help businesses in South Africa. One issue to overcome is that consumers do not know whether businesses are listening to their concerns. A survey panel is designed to bridge this gap. The benefit of participating in these surveys is an incentive for businesses to make use of the ideas and thoughts of their customers. Businesses pay for the use of our survey panel, thus we can effectively deduce that they will listen to the results of the survey.


How should people view a survey panel?


A survey panel is a relatively new market in South Africa. Most people know what a survey is and have in some way used them, some have either enjoyed participating in them and others have simply not been interested. A survey panel is designed for people who are interested in surveys and who are keen to help businesses conduct market research. Pure Survey’s survey panel is a guaranteed mutually beneficial experience. We look after our panelists and the businesses that make use of our services. This is not a ‘get rich quick’ scheme but is a well facilitated, confidential and reliable survey panel with the working purpose to help businesses improve themselves for the mutual benefit of consumers and businesses in South Africa.


The conclusive question to consider is; Why should you join Pure Survey’s survey panel? The first point of consideration is to understand that our survey panel is designed to be mutually beneficial for both the business and the consumer. We are not advocating a get rich quick programme. We are however here to offer a service to businesses which will benefit the consumer and in turn will benefit the business. Besides the business and the consumer benefits, there are benefits for the panelists as well. We value your opinion and in turn offer prizes for completing surveys as an incentive.


For more information on our survey panel please view our articles and our FAQ pages. If you have not registered then please view our SIGN UP page, fill in the details and send them through.