Pure Survey is dedicated to improving businesses throughout South Africa. We believe that the combination of your business and our survey panel can make a difference to both parties. A survey panel is designed to deliver fast and accurate responses, in order to be cost effective and worthwhile for both the business conducting the survey and the panelists.


Here are a few reasons why your business should use our survey panel:


  • Find out the truth:

A survey opens your business up to people who buy your products and make use of your services. By asking your customers to identify the faults within your business and by probing them to make constructive suggestions whereby your business can improve is a huge step towards enhancing the business and consumer relationship. Customers want to help your business because in turn that will benefit them. Pure Survey’s survey panelists are dedicated to helping your business find out the truth about where problem areas are and the data gathered from these surveys will help your business to understand what the customer is thinking.

  • Use survey panels to facilitate change:

Asking your customers is the best way for any business to make a change. A survey panel is a combination of different types of customers throughout South Africa who are keen to help your business in its marketing endeavors. Having a comment section in the survey where the customers can add helpful suggestions for your business could open the door to new ideas and better usage of certain aspects of your business. Consulting the customers not only helps in gathering ideas but it also builds up the relationship between the business and its clients.

  • A survey panel consists of unbiased consumers:

Making use of Pure Survey’s survey panel guarantees an unbiased and professional result. Our panelists are encouraged to be clear, honest, unbiased, consistent and most importantly to give accurate feedback. By using our survey panel your business is able to ask a large varied group of people to give you feedback about an idea or proposal. This feedback is able to give you a clear understanding of what your customers think of the idea.


Pure Survey’s survey panel will allow your business to understand its customers, without the need to find people who are willing to participate in the survey. Our panelists are all keen to help businesses with their research marketing. We have a dedicated team who are keen, ready and willing to make a difference to your business. Using our survey panel service, will not only enhance your market research but will also add a trust factor between yourselves and your clients.


People like to know that they are part of the solution. By asking your customers to give you feedback, it guarantees a positive result for your business. To succeed one must strive ahead! Pure Survey’s survey panel will help your business strive ahead and lead the way forward!


Contact us through our CONTACT US page for more information and find out how you are able to join us in helping your business improve!